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The Whoa! Factor: a series exploring blogging’s unexpected opportunities

Peter F, 18 January, 2007 0 Comments

As I mentioned yesterday,
I’m really jazzed up about the unexpected benefits blogging for
business invariably seems to create. I’m going to put together a series
looking into this in more detail. I’d like to begin by soliciting your
stories. I’m looking for some bloggers to interview, either via phone,
skype, email, about their experiences with the Whoa! factor.

I’ll start with my own story. I started blogging in October 2004. I
was laid up recovering from  surgery (blown disc), and looking for
something to do to keep from going stir crazy. After reading an article
extolling blog design as a way to learn about designing for complex
data, I thought I’d give it a try. I called my site Almost Cool, and proceeded to write about how I’d built the site, my thoughts on design, and observations on life in general.

To make a long story short, I met a bunch of amazing people. How?
Through comments left on my blog, through articles I read on other
people’s sites, through conversations that started by email, then moved
to IM, and in some cases meeting face to face. Those connections started
to lead to work: a designer I know was too busy to handle a new work
request, so he handed it off to me. People started finding me via search
engines, and that led to more work. The busier my site got, the busier
my freelance business became.

I realized that blogging can have a pretty significant impact on
business, regardless of your industry. I thought “Hmmm, there’s an
opportunity here – an opportunity to help business people use blogging
as a tool to build their contact base, to get in front of potential new
clients, and to grow their businesses”. While there were a handful of
design studios turning out excellent designs for personal blogs, at the
time there wasn’t anyone putting serious effort into blog design for
businesses. So I launched The Blog Studio.

The thing to note here is that I wasn’t looking to start a business. I
was fresh out of design school, and wanted to go to work for an
established studio in an effort to build my experience and my resume.
This business was an unexpected benefit of my blogging.

There have been a bunch of other Whoa! moments in the past two years.
I’m going to save them in case no one responds to my call for stories!
If you’d like to share, leave a comment or send an email to peter at
theblogstudio dot com.

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