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Blog Traffic Building Worksheet – update

Peter F, 29 January, 2007 0 Comments

talking to a couple of folks about how they were using the traffic
building worksheets I put together last week, I’ve updated them to make
it easier to track multiple keywords.

I really cannot overstate the impact these worksheets have had on own
marketing strategies. They make tracking stats fun, and expose
opportunities and weaknesses in your site, and motivate you get them
fixed. They go beyond mere stat collection though to systemize your
online promotional activity. In this case, I’ve concentrated on posting
and leaving comments. I’ve included the source files for the worksheets,
so feel free to customize them to your own needs

The beauty of the form is that the thinking has been done ahead of
time. Each day, you simply need to spend 5 minutes filling in the
relevant information. I guarantee you that you’ll find yourself
motivated to start making changes, and tracking their effect. If not,
I’ll refund your money ;)

Ideally, the stats you collect should be collated in a spreadsheet or
database so you can extract maximum value. Of course, you can collect a
couple of day’s worth of data and batch input it into excel. The beauty
of the worksheet is it’s physical presence. It’s just so easy to do
(and oddly rewarding to fill in).

I’m releasing this under a Creative Commons Attribution license. This
means you’re welcome to use the traffic building worksheet however you
like, but please do link back to me if you repost them.

Download the Traffic Building Worksheet as a 1-up pdf (1 card per page)

Download the Traffic Building Worksheet as a 4-up pdf (4 cards per page)

Download the Traffic Building Worksheet in it’s OmniGraffle format

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