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Site Launch:

Lucia Mancuso, 10 November, 2006 0 Comments

We’re really excited to announce the launch of This has been a fun project from start to finish.

Crafters are amazing people. They’re an incredibly supportive bunch.
Super creative, and super friendly. The purpose for
is three-fold:

    1. to offer original content, including how-to’s, stories, and general blogo-ephemera (hey, I just invented a new term)


    1. to point to the best content out there on the web, including upcoming events


    1. to become a community for like minded individuals to share and support each other


The visual aspects of the site design seek to echo the whimsy and
experimentation crafters bring to their art. We’ve combined softer
frills and flourishes with hard corners and geometric shapes to create a
platform that’s designed to encourage having fun. There’s a raucous mix
of type and colours at play here. Come on in and play!



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