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Introducing Good Grape: Paris 1920 meets rock show

Peter F, 13 November, 2006 0 Comments

Oh man. This was a fun project. First, Jeff, the client, writes very
well about wine and all things vine related. Second, he gave me pretty
much full creative reign on the design. His only direction was “make it
look like a poster for a rock show”. Ummm…. OK!

This design
marks a real departure from much of the work you see in our portfolio.
It’s a return to a style of design I love: grungy, experimental, fun. It
takes a very brave client to let a designer go wild like this, so a great big thank you to Jeff from all of us.

Jeff has also taken advantage of our new service packs, so the site
will continue to evolve as we get user feedback and launch new services.

Here are a couple of screenshots to get you started.



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