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How to design a blog – part 3; setting the mood

Peter F, 13 September, 2006 0 Comments

A few thoughts on mood as it pertains to web design.

As I mentioned in my first post about redesigning this site, mood boards feature prominently in my design process.

A mood board is an old-school graphic design tool. In essence, one
gathers up any and all things that give the designer a sense of the
overall feeling of the piece. The mood board might contain
pages from various magazines, snap shots of buildings or of type
treatments (yes, designers take snap shots of signs), swatches from wall
paper sample books, etc.

In the old days, the designer would paste these samples onto a
presentation board. Sometimes they’d be shared with the client to double
check that everyone is on the same page. More often than not though,
they simply serve as inspiration and help the designer shape his vision
of the final piece.

I’ve tossed the physical pasting-on-board part of the process in
favor of a great big Photoshop document. I find that going through this
exercise helps me stay on target, and really gets the creative juices

After considering the goals I set in the previous article, I came up with the following list of descriptors for the new site’s mood:

    • calm


    • comfortable


    • slightly edgy


    • high end street boutique


    • a bit tongue-in-cheek


In short, I’m looking to create a bit of tension between a minimalist calm and a more energetic organic/punk aesthetic.

The following image is my mood board for’s
redesign. When reviewing it, take note of things like colour and
pacing.  The thumbnail below links to a larger 250kb

version (will open in a new window).

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