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Thom Yorke on YouTube

Peter F, 16 July, 2006 0 Comments

Thom Yorke’s new album Eraser is a masterpiece. Easily better than
Hail to the Theif, it’s Yorke at his most creative and expressive in

I’m a rabid fan of Radiohead, so I make the following statement with
great care: I think Yorke’s genius comes through more clearly in this
solo project. It’s an album to listen to again and again – it’s great in
the background while working, and better on the headphones for careful
listening. This is art served up for your ears.

You can get a taste of it in this video on YouTube.

As amazing as the work itself is, the process that Yorke went through
developing the tracks is even more so. In essense, he cut found and
created sounds together to create soundscapes in the studio. It was only
much later that he developed the pieces into playable songs.

I’ve experimented with similar techniques of using random pieces and
chaos to from the basis of a piece of art. The results were often quite
staggering, and usually nothing like what I intented to create (which is
ultimately the point). Starting with random or chaotic bits forces the
thought process to take a back seat to feeling. It’s been ages since I
have though, and right now I’m frightfully inspired to try it out again.

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