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MacBookPro vs Dual g5 1.8: the smackdown

Peter F, 12 July, 2006 0 Comments

Just this past Monday I traded in my dual g5 tower (1.8ghz, 1.5gig
ram) and my powerbook (1ghz, 1gig ram) for a new MacBookPro 2ghz laptop
with 2gigs of ram.

My PC died, you see, and rather then spending a single penny on a new
pc, I decided to try out the all in one wunder-box that is the new
apple laptop. So two days in, what do I think?

Man, this thing is HOT. Hot like smoking fast. Hot like set your lap on fire.

First thing, it is much faster than the g5. Even at non-intel native
apps like photoshop. The OS is way snappier. Startup is a bit quicker,
and shut down even more so. Having 2gigs of ram probably helps things,
as I understand Rosetta can be a memory hog.

The new screen on the laptop is much nicer than on my older ti-book.
The resolution is higher, and everything is bright and crisp.

I have two initial complaints: first is the heat. There is no way I
can sit with this thing on my lap without putting something like a
pillow under it. Second is the fact that I now have an octopus of wires
sitting on my desk. Plugged into the laptop are the powercord, audio
line out to the stereo, the DVI connector for my 23” cinema display
(heaven), an ethernet cable, and the cinema’s Firewire and USB cables.
With the g5, this was all nicely hidden out of sight.

Other than those two issues, I’m really enjoying the freedom of
having a fast laptop. Being able to work at full speed from any location
is freeing. It’s nice to be able to get a change of scenery every once
in a while. Being able to run windows is also super cool. I’m using
Parallels, which allows me to open windows in a window – no rebooting required. This is a gift for the web designer who has to test his work in ie. Happy days.

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