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Case Study: Why should a Massage Therapist blog? Part 2

Peter F, 18 July, 2006 0 Comments

This is part two of a case study answering the question “Why should a
Registered Massage Therapist blog?”. Part one can be found here.

To recap, we’re reviewing the scenarios in which our RMT would
benefit from blogging. As we don’t know his specific circumstances,
we’re conducting a series of “what-ifs”. This is the first.

Scenario 1: grow his small business



Brand builder

Unexpected opportunity

Connection and Loyalty

Let’s assume that our RMT’s clinic or service is good – at least as
good as his competition. If it’s not, blogging is not what he needs to
be worried about.

Let’s also assume that our dude is in a major metro area. The value
of local search is relative to the business’s surrounding population.

The fact is that blogs rank well in search engines. There are a number of reasons for this:

    • frequent repetition of key words and phrases in natural language


    • frequent updates means frequent visits from the search engines to update your site info


    • blogs by their nature tend to be very interlinked, another fact that boosts rankings


    • blogs tend to be coded very cleanly (at least the good ones!), making it easier for the search engines to review your content.


So all of the above will help our fellow’s phone to ring.

Reputation is a big factor here too. RMTs tend to grow their business
via referral. The strength of a referral is increased each time it is
heard. Meaning if 247 friends told me, I’m just going to have to try his
clinic the next time I need some fixing.  Blogs can help a
reputation grow dramatically, with broad reach.

Brand building goes hand in hand with reputation.

Unexpected opportunity will present itself via blogging. This has
happened to EVERY SINGLE BLOGGER I KNOW. It’s neither spooky or
mystical, nor does does it come from a very current fortune cookie .
It’s just your network making connections in ways you hadn’t imagined.
It’ll happen unexpectedly (‘natch).

Connection comes from people reading your words. Loyalty comes from
people getting to know you. Even just a tiny bit. Blogs help build
relationships, and relationships help build business.

Part 3 coming shortly…

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