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Blog Site Resources

Lucia Mancuso, 29 July, 2006 0 Comments

For those who watched the episode on Tech TV, here are the list of
resources that I discussed. For those that haven’t – here is the list
none the less.

The following are a list of great resources to go to that will
instruct you through options for adding features to your blog site.

Now these are just a few of many out there – so feel free to search for others or add any additional resources to this post.

The following site allows you to produce a favicon (small image in the search bar) to tie in your blog design branding.

For some cool photography for your site choose some free photos:

A tool for recording and sharing audio/podcasting

For producing Tag Clouds for your blog from RSS feeds go to:

Use this to Store and share your images – whether you have a blog or not.

This site helps you find, edit and share all the pictures on your PC

A tool for adding video to your blog:

Blog Poll Tools – add a Poll to your Blog



Social Bookmarking sites – good for sourcing stories but also great if you get linked to on it to get traffic


The following will help you anaylize which keywords perform and which
don’t, where readers and coming from and where they are going and where
the most interest is on your site.



The following are blog editors that will help you manage your blogs outside of the browser



Blog News Aggregators and tools for sourcing




Email Subscription and Newsletter Services



Let search engines know your blog has been updated with:

Add audio to your blog via your phone:

Add features to your RSS:

Keep track of the comments you leave on blogs with:

Feel free to add more and let us know of your favorites and why

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