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I didn’t know WordPress could do that!

Peter F, 24 May, 2006 0 Comments

One thing for which I shall forever thank blogging is for teaching me
the ins and out of content management systems. We’ve become quite
expert at using the popular blogging tools like WordPress, Textpattern, and Expression Engine to develop extremely cost effective simple to use dynamic web sites.

Sites like (which launched today!) are
both include a blog, but both are fully featured websites in their own
right. Yet both retain the ease and simplicity of updating and managing
content that is inherent to blogs. Plus, each is able to use RSS to
build long term relationships and maintain contact. is built entirely on WordPress, allowing our client
to edit, manage, and add content at will. The business ramifications of
this are pretty significant. The site will always be up-to date, and
can change along with his business.

Both sites mentioned above use the built in mailing-list features of
their respective platforms to extend their reach even further. And do so
without the need for costly third party mailing list managers.

For small and medium sized businesses, one of the greatest boons to
come from the blog boom may prove to be the sudden availability of low
cost, very highly featured content management systems. It’s certainly an
area we will be continuing to explore.

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