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Blogs change lives

Peter F, 08 May, 2006 0 Comments

From the BBC

“A homeless woman in London has been living in a car since last
summer. But by writing a blog she has put herself in touch with an
international audience…

…A woman becomes homeless, so she gets into her car and drives. Except
she has nowhere to go – so she stays in the car, with all her
possessions heaped in the back, sleeping in the front seats, parking in
secluded streets.

But this is the information age. And even though she doesn’t speak to
anyone, she can go into a library where she can access the internet and
write an online journal – a homelessness blog – which she uses to
describe all her unspoken experiences and feelings. ”


She writes this weekend that her readers have donated enough money for her to rent a flat and start getting back on her feet.

Read her blog here

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