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Blog Software Chart Updated

Peter F, 19 May, 2006 0 Comments

Sometime last year, Susie Gardner posted a great chart comparing blog software. The chart has just been updated, and is a pretty amazing tool.

To be fair, it’s not complete. There are a couple of big names
missing from the chart, namely Drupal, Mambo, and Textpattern. But a
chart that tried to include every publishing platform would never be
completed, as they number in the 100s. So we’ll take what Susie has
given us as a starting point, rather than the final word.

And what a starting point it is. It’s interesting to see how well Expression Engine
stacks up against the blogging heavy weights. EE (as those in the know
refer to it) is much more than “just” a blogging tool. It’s a full
featured Content Management System, and includes a Forum, full featured
membership system, and image gallery. Our newfound love for this
software is well placed…

If you’re considering getting started with blogging, or are unsatisfied with your current platform, check out Susie’s chart ——-

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