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The world just changed.

Peter F, 26 April, 2006 0 Comments

288,452 page views in 48 hours? Check.

216 comments on the first post? Check.

23,415 mentions on Technorati? Check.

Hot Air is here. It’s almost
unbelievable what a couple of hard working people with off-the-shelf
hardware and software can do these days. In six weeks, we built a news
channel, complete with daily video updates. I did it myself and I can
hardly believe it.

Whether you agree with Hot Air’s politics or not is totally beside the point. The fact that Hot Air exists is
the point. Two years ago, a project like this would have cost hundreds
of thousands of dollars to launch, and would have reached a tiny
audience. Today it’s within almost everyone’s reach.

Blogging and its associated technologies have changed the world. It
happened so fast that even those of us driving the bleeding edge barely
realize it.

My personal blog is called Almost Cool.
I gave it that name because it sums up my position on the pop culture
spectrum: I’m a consumer of cool. I’m not at the bleeding edge of it (a
place inhabited by artists and rocket scientists), but I’m at the
forefront of the majority. In other words, like many of you, when I
“discover” something new and cool, the majority of the population is
just around the corner.

I’ve written a far more lucid explanation of all this here.

I mention this because I think it gives the following statement a bit of weight: the future just arrived. It’s name is Hot Air.

Mark my words: history will remember this year as a turning point in
person to person communications. The old models are dead. Geography is
dead. Communities rule.

God I love my job.

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