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Looking for a job? Have a blog? If not, then good luck.

Peter F, 23 April, 2006 0 Comments

I’ve been drinking the Kool-aid for long enough to forget what “normal” tastes like. Apparently, it doesn’t taste like blogging.

We’re doing some fairly serious recruiting here in The Blog Studio
land. The ads are posted, the recruiting agencies have been hired, and
the resumes are pouring in. The very first thing I do when reviewing the
candidates is check to see if they have a blog. Ninety percent of them

Which simply amazes me.

I can’t think of a better way to let potential employers about you.

Let’s think about this for a second. When you apply for a job, you
submit a cover letter and one or two paged resume. With that extremely
structured and limited format, you’re trying to earn a first interview.
You’re trying to make enough of an impression that I will want to invest
a couple of hours of my time (for which I charge $150 an hour) in you.

As an employer, I need to know that you have the skills I need. Your
resume shows me that you do. But so do the other hundred resumes in my
inbox. I want to know about you. What makes you tick? What are
you passionate about? Do your passions align with my business goals? If
they do, then I want to talk to you.

A blog is a perfect tool to demonstrate your knowledge of subjects
you are passionate about. If you’ve been blogging for a while on a
subject that’s relevant to the position I need to fill, odds are very
high that you are going to make it to my short-list.

There is the seed of a very good business here…

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