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Job Hunting vs Job Recruiting

Peter F, 18 April, 2006 0 Comments

It has been a long 3 months. We at the blog studio have been looking
for a Senoir Web Developer and let me tell you – it is a hard find. Sure
we have talked to so many talented, skilled individuals… but that full
time person we can bring in house who loves the blogosphere has been a
great challenge.

My business partner Peter and I were reminiscing today about the time
we spent job hunting. All the sites we found, all the researching we
did to find different sites and how much we found out there. Now looking
for those sites IS an impossible feat. Two very websavvy people
searching and searching on line for a qualified candidate and coming up
with so little.

I know those qualified, perfect candidates are out there… but, how do
we find them? Why is the search engine ranking so low on these sites
and people. How many keyword combinations do I have to enter into the
search engines to compute some solid results.

If I didn’t already have a action packed daily schedule – this would
be a project that I would start. An on line job hunting service for
people in the web/design industry. An industry specific site – load your
portfolio, load your resume, a free service, maybe a blog on it where
people can post advice on upcoming skills potential employees should
brush up on, something with a great search engine ranking, posts on new
technology and software to look into… the possibilities are endless.

Here is my question? Anyone out there have any advice on sites that
are great resources for potential employers and employees in the web
development and design industry… I know I’m not alone in this… finding
great help seem to be an issue with so many employers I talk to.

So… if their are so many employers looking for qualified people and
so many people looking for work… what is the solution? I refuse to
believe that it is because their are no qualified candidates on there…
somebody, anybody… built the perfect resource site – it is so needed.

FYI… MONEY Magazine
and rated careers on salary and job prospects and being a
Software Engineer was voted the best job to have in America.

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