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Feedback on Hot Air (aka tooting our own horn, pt1)

Peter F, 28 April, 2006 0 Comments

The reception to Hot Air has
been very loud and very strong. The numbers have been incredible, with
lots of mention across the political blogosphere. Fantastic comments to
boot. Check it out (original here)


Finally, Michelle Malkin’s new and hugely successful blog, Hot Air,
does seem to me to be the real wave of the future. Its outstanding
layout and design and fantastic audiovisual integration make it the
cutting edge blog now. Her daily “Vent” feature is short enough not to
postpone viewing, can be downloaded in movie form to iPods and has a
high production value.


Lest you think all we’ve been doing is working on Hot Air, I thought
I’d share a sneak preview of some of the sites we’ll be launching in the
next few weeks.



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