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Search Engine Optimization & Blogs ??? Part 1

Peter F, 21 March, 2006 0 Comments

Everyone wants to improve their Search Engine Ranking. When it comes to Search Engines Optimization, blogs are FANTABULOUS (that?s fantastic and fabulous together). There are many factors that Search Engines take into consideration when ranking a site. I?m just going to provide a little intro on this subject and get more in depth in the following posts???

Search Engines rank characteristics that blogs possess as highly
important factors in their search engine ranking.  I???m just going
to point out a few characteristics of blogs that make them Search
Engine Friendly.

Fresh Content: Search Engine spiders crawl your site when you have
fresh content. If you content is the same all the time there is no
reason for them to crawl your site over and over again. Blogs have fresh
content, updated often giving search engines spider???s reason to crawl
your page over and over again, digging deeper into your site.

Links: Search Engines love links to and from your site. The more
valid the link the better, if you have a site with a high page rank
linking to your site even better. Bloggers link to each other, sharing
information, creating a friendly web world.

Key Words:The use of keywords on your blog helps search engines
determine what your site is all about. When those keywords link to sites
from other sites, it basically lets search engines know that your site
is about those keywords. In other words, it is giving search engines a
correlation of opinions identifying what your site is about.

A few great resources on this subject are Brad Fallon?s 7 Mistakes that Search Engine Optimizers Make and Yaro Starak?s site”.

I?m going to dive deeper into these points and others in the following posts, for now?. Happy Blogging.——-

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