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How Little Things Can Make a Big Difference.

Peter F, 05 March, 2006 0 Comments

?How Little Things can Make a Big Difference? is the sub title to Malcolm Goldwell???s book The Tipping Point which got me thinking ??? hmmm! The Little Things ??? or is it a big thing ??? the thing that makes life worth living…PASSION.

We heard it all before and we?ll hear it again? the whole 80/20 Theory.

How to make 20% of your activities account for 80% of your results. This
theory is driven home in Gladwell???s book, my favorite example of that
is the story of Paul Revere
??? Word of Mouth at its best. One man, one voice, creating histories
greatest example of the truth behind the Word of Mouth theory.

However, it is not what you say ??? it is how you say it.

My theory on this is passion. When you believe in something and are
passionate about it then the skies the limit on who you can impact. When
you think about it at times facts play no part in it, it is completely
based on influence.

Which brings me to blogging??? I myself am a new blogger and I wonder ?Does everyone who blogs write in their own voice?? How could you not! How could you write about things you aren?t sure of? How do the words even come out? and worst of all? Can you tell?

If blogging for business is the same as Word of Mouth Marketing
(Which here at the blog studio we are certain & passionate about
the fact that it is) can you tell when someone isn???t speaking/writing
in their own voice?

So my research begins???. What do you think? Have you read a blog when you knew the writer had no passion about the subject?

So??? this is my pledge to you??? I?ll never write about anything that I don?t believe in and most importantly that I???m not passionate about.

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