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The role of design in marketing

Peter F, 07 December, 2005 0 Comments

If marketing is a conversation, then design is incredibly important. Here???s why:

In a ?real? conversation, there is a huge amount of
information being exchanged. The words we speak play only a small
percentage in the total exchange.

Think about it. In a face to face conversation, you take in information based on the speaker?s
physical appearance. You might add greater emphasis to a message coming
from someone who looks like an expert in their field (ie a corporate
lawyer in a sharp suit, or a mechanic in coveralls). You have the
benefit of the speaker
?s inflection, intonation, and modulation.
There???s also body language to consider. Ever try talking to a dog?
That dog gets quite a lot of information without understanding your

Think of the difference it would make to the effectiveness of your
message if YOU were delivering it to your prospect or client vs some
generic spokesperson reading your lines.

My job as a designer is to take all the non-verbal information
that???s exchanged in your marketing conversations and add it back in to
your words.

Viewed this way, how comfortable are you with an off the shelf blog or website?——-

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