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Spinopsys on the web

Peter F, 02 December, 2005 0 Comments

Two mentions today of Spinopsys on the web. The first is from, and says

“Philip Gomes brings us the Australian perspective on bicycling
through the Spinopsys bicycle blog. Spinopsys has got to be about the
prettiest bike blog I’ve seen.”

The second is from Trevor Cook’s Corporate Engagement. In his article, Mr Cook quotes from Spinopsys owner Philip Gomes

“[re hiring a designer] I think this will be a growing option if you
wish to present a professional front. I was looking for something that
could be scaled up over time and something that could be pressented to
those in the bicycle industry as a serious piece of media, as such, the
response from the industry folks I have talked to so far has been
positive because it presents as a professional front???”

Shameless self promotion, I know!——-

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