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Movable Type and Yahoo

Peter F, 13 December, 2005 0 Comments


So, as you may have heard Yahoo recently announced that it will be
offering Movable Type on its small business hosting plans. Cost is to be
around $12 per month. According to both Yahoo and Six Apart (the
company that’s produced Movable Type), the software has been extensively
optimized to run up to 10 times faster than on SixApart’s own server.
Great. But it begs the following question:

What’s going to happen to TypePad?

TypePad is SixApart’s own hosted version of Movable Type. It strikes
me that they have just created their own competition. Perhaps it’s a
survival move – Yahoo was going to go with someone. Better to
get a piece of the pie at the expense of cannibalizing their own clients
than risk losing a bunch of clients all together. Also, this may help
to relieve some of the hardware stress currently afflicting TypePad
customers. Plus, Yahoo’s offering is more robust, and cheaper!

I, for one, hope there is some truth to the “10 times faster” claim.
We do a fair bit of work with TypePad blogs, and have recently made the
decision to charge a surplus when working with them. The reason?
Developing a site on TypePad takes much longer than a comparable
self-hosted option. Their servers are just that slow.

This will be interesting to watch. I’ve seen no mention of when Yahoo
will begin to offer this service. If I were considering setting up a
TypePad blog, I think I’d wait for a bit to see when Yahoo’s option
becomes available.——-

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