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Peter F, 01 December, 2005 0 Comments

I love to design logos. It’s an intellectual challenge; a puzzle, if
you will. Trying to distill the values and essense of a company using
nothing more than shapes, colours, and type??? I get all dreamy eyed
just thinking about it.

I was recently asked to design a logo and stationery package for an
up and coming software development firm. The company, bloomCompany,
develops applications aimed at florists.

The logo needed to position the company as young, fresh, and
innovative. It needed to be elegant, yet not overly serious. We had only
two weeks to get from first meeting to finished work, so we had to hit
it right out of the gate.

The name bloomCompany immediately conjures mental images of flowers,
petals, and lush colour. Just like every other flower shop logo out
there. I didn’t want to take the obvious route. Instead, I wanted to
convey the essense of what bloomComapny does. They don’t sell flowers,
they sell software. Software that supports and enables the sale of

Instead of focussing on the flower, we decided to focus on the leaves
and the stem. These are the physical elements that support the growth
of a flower. Just as bloomCompany’s software supports the growth of a
florist’s business.

Both my client and I are very happy with the result. The logo itself
is very flexible, and inviting. The stationery package is unique, yet
simple. Oh, and I had a lot of fun working on this one!

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