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No, I didn’t spam myself. aka reputation on the web

Peter F, 12 October, 2005 0 Comments

Ok, this one is WEIRD! Online, your reputation is your life. I am
proud of the fact that we’re building our business by doing good work
for good people. We’re starting to get a bit of reputation for being
good people to work with. That is the the single most valuable business
asset I could ever own.

So, it makes me especially cranky when I’m accused of spamming.

This story starts with a fan of our redesign posting a story on digg
linking back here. I’m super stoked that someone would want to tell the
rest of the world what we’re doing, and to do it in such an incredible
way. Some people though have clearly interpreted this as an attempt spam
digg. The comments say as much.

This incident is pretty minor, but once again it’s got me thinking
about reputation, and just how incredibly important it is with online

Reputation is the currency of the online world. I’m a bit freaked out
at how easy it would be to do serious damage to one’s reputation. It
would be kind of interesting to conduct an experiment. One could slander
his or herself around the blogosthing, and see what happens, then share
the results. I’m not volunteering.

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