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I just saw the future of blogging.

Peter F, 20 October, 2005 0 Comments

It’s name is flock. It rhymes with rock.

Flock is a BIG IDEA (cue the kettle drums). It takes
browsing the web and seamlessly turns it on its head. The barrier
between surfing and contributing blurs. My rss feeds, my flickr photos,
my blog and the entire web all live in one speedy integrated package.

I can upload an image to flickr directly from iphoto (shakes fist at
Steve and yells “Hey, it’s time for an iphoto update buddy!”), then,
using the flickr image browser, I can drag it right into my post. It’s
scary how easy it is.

Plus, I can highlight any text on the internet and right click it to
post to my blog. Doing so opens the blog editor with the text already
set in blockquotes. What’s more, the citation is there too! Crazy.

But wait. There’s more. When I add a bookmark, I don’t just add any
old bookmark. I add a delicious bookmark. So what, right? I’ll tell you
what: I’ve got a plugin running on my blog that pulls the latest
additions to my delicious account. Meaning that I can update my sidebar
links from anywhere on the web. With one click.

As much as this is going to change my habits, it’s going to make a
huge, massive, enormous change in the life of the “average” business
blogger. Right now, I imagine most of us separate blogging time from
reading newsfeeds or surfing. No longer. This thing reduces the time
required to blog, and makes it way more fun and useful.

Now for the downers: this is a very early release, so there are
plenty of bugs. Not everything works yet, and worse, not all the blog
platforms are supported yet. If your blog runs on mt, typepad or
wordpress, you’re in luck though.

I haven’t been this excited about a piece of software in, well, ever. I’ve seen the future of blogging. And its name is flock.

ps: Thanks to Erik for the tip!

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