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About The Blog Studio

Peter F, 10 October, 2005 0 Comments


The Blog Studio is a web and logo design firm with a twist. While we
design and build “regular” web sites, our expertise is working with
clients who want to connect with their client base in an emotional,
memorable manner.

We approach each design project as though it were a conversation
between the site owner and his or her audience. In a conversation
between people, the words that pass back and forth through the air make
up only a percentage of the total information exchanged. Our job is to
add the tone, volume, intonation, gesture, and expression back into your
plain text; to make your words come alive.

We have extensive experience with all the major blog platforms, and
can write custom plugins and scripts to make your sites really come

We can also convert your existing hard-coded website into a flexible, supremely easy to update powerhouse marketing machine. What’s more, we can do it for a fraction of what you’d expect to spend.

Give us a call, or fire off an email today. We’d love to chat.


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