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More on the Blog Manager.

Peter F, 03 September, 2005 0 Comments

A few days ago I posted a bit describing a new job: the Blog Manager.
This person would manage the traffic and revenue on behalf of his
client. He or she would handle all the technical stuff, would optimize
for seo and adsense. Would do everything the pros do to maximize the
revenue potential of the site.

Quite a few people linked to that article. It’s started a bit of
discussion, and I’d like to help push it along. I’ve got a few thoughts
on how this might work. Here’s what *I* would do if I were pursuing
this (potentially massive) revenue stream.

First, I’d take a good close look at my skills. Am I marketable as a
Blog Manager? Nope. No way. I don’t know much about advanced SEO, and I
have no proven history of success with adsense. Also, too few people
know me. I have a theory that the more you are known, the more valuable
your trustworthiness becomes. If you screw up in front of 10,000 people,
its a bit more embarrassing (and career killing) than to screw up in
front of 10. Ergo, a well know Blog Manager is perceived
as having more a stake, and would be more likely to be honest.
Seriously, who would you trust to manage your blog? Me, or someone who’s
making thousands of dollars a month from blogs?

Instead of trying to market myself, I’d try to form an alliance with a
brand name blogger. Someone who’s doing well, who people know. Someone
with a demonstrated history of generating a buck from his or her blog.
How would I do that? Very good question, given how busy these
uber-bloggers are. I’d make them an offer they can’t refuse.

“Let’s form a partnership,” I’d say. “50/50. You supply the
credibility and expertise, and I’ll do the work.” If there’s one thing a
problogger loves its making money from blogging. This would be a hard
opportunity to pass up. “What, you mean I talk to you on the phone for
10 minutes describing what I’d do, and you give me a couple of hundred
bucks? Yeah, ok, let’s do it.”

Once the partnership was worked out and the details put in place, I
would start looking off-line for clients. I’d want to find people with a
well known profile who aren’t yet blogging. I’d want to show them how
they could earn a buck or two, plus connect with a wider world. I’d be
going after actors, retired athletes (Reggie Jackson’s daily baseball
analysis), politicians, etc.

Of course there are many people online who would benefit from our services as well.

I would manage all the details, directed by my uber-blogger partner.
Together we’d promote and nurture our client’s blog into profitability.
We’d be paid by the month, with bonuses for achieving pre-set targets.
Good business coaches charge in the neighborhood of $400 a month for 3
thirty minute calls. Our fee would be more modest. But not by much.

In time, I can see a stable of regular clients – people with
something to say, but without the time, technical ability, or desire to
learn the intricacies of constantly twiddling with ad setups.

I certainly wouldn’t quit my day job to do this – it would take time
to build into a sustainable business. But it could add to the stream,
and earn some valuable exposure (which is where the real money is).

Anyhow, that’s what I would do. What about you?

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