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The current blogging advice is wrong

Peter F, 04 August, 2005 0 Comments

Darren at ProBlogger”: is running a series
on blogger apathy. I think I may have helped inspire him (I don’t know,
because he hasn’t mentioned it. I think he’s getting back at me for not
linking to him in a post he inspired a while back. ).

The comments are where the action is at ProBlogger these days – which
is not a swipe at Darren by any means. In fact its to his credit that
he draws some bright people, that he puts a subject on the table, then
gets out the way to let his audience flesh it out.

A recent comment on this
post (no comment permalinks, so I can’t link to it) hits on something
I’ve been thinking about lately: blogging schedules. In particular
business blogging schedules

The mantra for some time has been ‘post at least three times a week’. I think that’s wrong. Here’s why:

    • It doesn’t take a site’s goals into considerations at all


    • It inevitably produces burn-out


    • The pressure to post can produce guilt and stress


    • It can lead to posting for posting’s sake (ie crappy posts)


    • It can water-down the value of your blog


    • It can seriously scare potential bloggers off getting started


I want to look at this last point for a moment. Let’s assume that
your regular readers are subscribed to your newsfeed (a safe
assumption?). I put it out there that new readers landing on a series of
weak filler posts are less likely to stick around and subscribe to your
site than if they were to land on a strong post.

I’m taking the stance that your regular readers will continue to be
your regular readers whether you post once a week or once a day. They
read you for the quality of the content, not the quantity.

I think the quantity game is a dangerous one for a business blogger.

Now, if your business is blogging, it’s a different
scenario. Your goals will be to get maximum total exposure. A blog
talking to an established or niche customer base (say, like a designer
talking to potential customers) will be less concerned with adsense
click through rates and more concerned with earning and keeping happy

More to come on this.——-

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