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Brain Dump

Peter F, 02 August, 2005 0 Comments

Lots to report, so I’m going to do it point form:

??? The Diva site is almost done. It looks awesome. Thanks to everyone for your feedback along the way.

??? We’re getting ready to launch a couple of new sites in the next couple of weeks. Look for updates soon to and

??? The Guide to Business Blogging is hopelessly stalled. Everytime I
turn around, a new article comes out listing the dos and do nots of
blogging. So instead of focussing on the WHY’s of blogging, I’m
re-jigging the guide to focus on the HOW’s of blogging. Thank you for
your patience!

??? Accompanying the guide will be a series of screencasts (a movie
you watch on your computer that shows you what I’m doing on screen while
you listen to me talk). These screencasts will actually show you step
by step how to set up and customize your site. Topics covered will
include making sense of the tools, design 101, and more. These will be
paid offerings, but the cost will be very reasonable (and well worth

??? The whole concept of TBS Express is being reworked. In the coming
weeks, we’ll begin to roll out a new suite of services aimed at the
budget conscious. These will be based on a series of ever rotating
pre-made templates. We’re working with some of the best web designers ON THE PLANET to produce some truly stunning work. Prepare to be amazed by the quality and the value.

??? I realize I’m a total hypocrite here. This blog is a mess!. What do they say about the cobbler’s kids?


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