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Blog Template Preview

Peter F, 28 August, 2005 0 Comments

As I’ve alluded to, I’m working with some amazing
people to put together a complete blog package – design, setup,
training, consulting, hosting, etc – the whole deal. The cornerstone of
the project are the designs themselves (surprise surprise, I am a
designer after all).

I’ve been on a tear recently, coming up with some amazing new
designs. When design is really flowing it comes through you. You become
the vehicle for the work. That’s been the case with this recent batch of
work. If you like my style, you’ll like these designs.

None of them are ready for prime time yet, but I thought I’d give you
a little tease. I am hoping to have these ready to go for Sept 7th, but
they may be a bit late. Lots of exciting things happening in TBS land at the moment. Stay tuned.


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