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Who owns your brand?

Peter F, 10 July, 2005 0 Comments

The process of blogging the Diva Marketing
redesign has been incredibly interesting. My intention when I started
out was to de-mystify the web design process for newcomers to the
professional web. I hadn’t anticipated the well thought out, relevant,
and wonderfully intelligent design critique Toby and I would be
receiving via our blogs and our email.

I’ve conducted my share of private and public design critiques over the years. This one is a real stand out. Why? Because of your various investments in the Diva Marketing brand.

I find this incredibly interesting, especially because your
perceptions of the brand are so varied. This fact gave me pause, and led
me to write a post titled Who Owns a Brand.

I’ve posted it at almost cool,
my personal site. I use that space to discuss branding and more general
design issues. If you find the info here useful, you may enjoy reading
ac as well.——-

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