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Strategies for Growth, aka What would you pay?

Peter F, 19 July, 2005 0 Comments

Ok folks, I need your help with a little research project. If you read my other
site, you’ll already know that I’m considering growing the full-time
staff here at TBS. The response to our work has been wonderful, and we’d
like to do much more!

The nature of this business though is that cash flow can be rough.
Feast or famine. We’re in the start-up phase, and are trying to grow
without debt, so I’m considering strategies to help ease the cash-flow

One option (and I stress that it is just an option at this point) is
to offer a limited time discount on a blog design package. This package
would be fairly strict in that there would be limited changes possible
after the rough design is chosen. The trade off is a very sweet price.

I’d like to know what you’d be willing to pay to have a custom blog
designed. We’re talking about the same sort of quality you’d expect to
see from us, with setup included. Turn around time would be roughly two

This would be a very limited time thing – maybe a month, tops.

Does this sound appealing to anyone? Are you willing to comment on your price threshold?

Again, this isn’t a done deal. I’m concerned about the possible
effect on our brand. However I think that the limited time offer and the
transparency as to the reasons might off-set that. Still, I want to
hear from you before committing. ——-

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