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Getting there – Diva v7 and v8

Peter F, 17 July, 2005 0 Comments

Design is an evolutionary process. Rarely does a design pop up
complete. It takes time and hard work to achieve consistently good work.
Often, clients don’t understand this; they rightly see the finished
piece and think that design involves putting that piece together. It’s
rare that someone outside the process would see all the iterations that
went into that final piece.

If you take nothing else away from this Diva process, I hope you give
your creatives the time they need to give you really great work – I
assure you, they want to!

This first example was a ton of fun. Ultimately it’s not going to be
used for the Diva, but I’ll find a use for it somewhere. It’s too good
to toss in the dustbin!

This next example is based on feedback from Toby regarding the
“awning” version I posted Friday. You can see that some some of the
design elements that first showed up in the 40’s version have been
included here, as have a few of the touches from scooter girl, above.

Something isn’t quite right; I need to walk away from it for a bit to gain some perspective. But I think we’re almost there!

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