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And Now for Something Completely Different: Diva v4

Peter F, 16 July, 2005 0 Comments

Something wasn’t right. Andy summed it up best in the commments when he said

It makes me want to eat lots of jellybeans.

As sometimes happens (both with Divas and design), the thing went
seriously overboard. It’s still worth saving, and I will be performing a
bit of cosmetic surgery on it later today.

Toby and I were discussing the layout yesterday, when she hit me with this little bit of inspiration (seriously paraphrased):

I was watching a movie last night from the 40s. Wouldn’t it be cool if we could capture that black and white elegance?

Being quite sick to my stomach from eating so many jelly beans, I was very happy to oblige.

Toby’s feedback on this was:

Peter – talk about a range of talent. Very dramatic. Very 40ish. Very up town.

I’ve been staring at this and the last version. The more I look at it the more I like it.

We def don’t want to go back to the jelly bean – tho I like the
playfulness. I’m thinking, perhaps this one is a bit too Joan Crawford.
Maybe we need a little more Carrie Sex in the Cityish. Can you pull
some of the sass/playfulness back in? Not real crazy about the top – NYC
skyscraper influence?


Of course, I never know when to leave well enough alone. While
working on the 40s version above, I was inspired to try to combine some
of the elements from the jelly-bean version with the 40s version. This
is very rough, but you might enjoy watching this progress.


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