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Who should be blogging – Part 5 Virtual Assistants

Peter F, 22 June, 2005 0 Comments

It’s amazing how the world works. Someone out in cyberland was kind
enough to link to this site from a forum for Virtual Assistants. It’s a
closed forum, so I don’t what’s being said (I hope its positive!). But I
do know that it got me thinking about how a VA might be just what I
need to allow me to concentrate more on offering service and less on the
daily operation of a business.

So I googled Virtual Assistant.

And got pages and pages of training courses, organizations, and news
articles. It’s not until I was halfway down page three that I came to my
first, honest to goodness virtual assistant. The next one was on page
4. Ouch.

Virtual Assistants should be blogging! Tell us what you do. Tell us
how you help clients. Show us your special areas of expertise. Do it,
and you’ll get clients. I guarantee it.

But don’t enter blogging lightly. It takes time and commitment.
Expect to have to write regularly for a couple of months before you
start to see any direct benefit. All that time that you’ve put in counts
though. You’ll have a terrific archive of material for prospective
clients to read through, and lots of google-able pages to help your
search ranking.

Writing a blog shows the world that you’re forward thinking,
technologically savvy (you don’t have to mention how easy it is!), and a
good self-promoter; certainly skills I’d be looking for in a VA.

If there’s a downside to it, I certainly haven’t found it yet.

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