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Who should be blogging – Part 4 Freelancers

Peter F, 20 June, 2005 0 Comments

If you do freelance work of any kind, and you are not business blogging, you are leaving money on the table.

I’m my own case study in this installment. This applies to all
service providers though, be they writers, accountants, or marketers.

Unless you’re doing exactly the work you want to be doing for exactly the clients you want to work for, you should be blogging. Here’s why:


In the short time I’ve been blogging, I’ve met so many wonderful
people. Some are clients, some are colleagues, some are friends. I have
grown my network, and developed some powerful alliances. I’ve been
contacted for new work as a direct result of this site; something that never happened with just my portfolio. What’s more, I now have a talent pool I can call on, and a talent pool that will call on me.


How did those clients find me? Some by following the web, some via google. My blog has added immeasurably to my google-ability.

Archives… a record of your brilliance

This is a big one. Let’s say you’re looking for a handyman. You
google “handyman Toronto”. One of the results is for Handy Henry’s Home
Repair, a blog. You visit the site and can read everything that Henry’s
posted. You can get a pretty good sense of Henry’s capabilities by
reading his blog.

With a business blog (btw, I consider my personal site almost cool
a business site; that is to say that I write with the knowledge that
what I say might in some way effect my business.) you can quickly
establish your credibility. I should be careful of my use of the word
quickly. Building an archive of solid work takes time. But once its
there, its golden.

I experienced this very effect this week. It’s just such an efficient way to choose service providers.


Your blog can help you find specialized work. Show the world that
you’re an expert on 18th century gerbil cages, and someone will hire you
to do what you’re passionate about.

This is just so incredibly powerful. Can you think of another tool that does all of the above and helps you live your passion?

Please forgive the abject enthusiasm for the form. I’m a true believer though. I’ve experienced it first hand. You should too.

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