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The plan

Peter F, 20 June, 2005 0 Comments

With Toby’s ok, I’m going to share the plan of attack we’re going to
follow. Although Toby’s site is a redesign, a new site would follow a
similar process. The advantage that we have in Toby’s case is that there
is a baseline. We can use this to track and measure our success.

Without further ado then, the plan:

Step 1: set our targets

??? where are we now? where do you dream of the Diva going?

Step 2: choose our metrics

??? what will we measure to steer us along the way?

??? set a baseline for those items

Step 3: Getting chunky

??? knowing where the Diva is headed, we can decide what things, or

chunks of information, need to go on the home page, ie most popular

articles, blogroll, etc

Step 4: Conceptual comps

??? Either together or on my own (depending on how your time allows)
we’ll come up with a bunch of concepts for the Diva’s new wardrobe.
We’ll whittle that list down to two ideas. I’ll do up loose, rough
computer sketches in grayscale.

Step 5: Polished comps

??? Based on your feedback from the concept comps, I’ll work up two
more polished variations of one of the concepts. These will be static
jpg’s (ie not working sites) that are roughly 90% “done”.

Step 6: Code time

??? I’ll code the design to the current W3C spec. This means that the

site will be fast loading, will display consistently across browsers,

and will be easy to update and manage.

Step 7: Tweak

??? You’ll have another opportunity to make minor tweaks here and there if needed

Step 8: Pop the cork

??? Have a quick glass, because its time to start to refine, refine, refine. Set your goals high. We’re going to reach them.

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