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Services Listing

Peter F, 12 June, 2005 0 Comments

We’ve broken our services down into the 3 categories that define what we do:

Removing barriers, Strengthening your brand, and Promoting your message

Removing barriers

    • Coached Planning
        • The single most overlooked aspect of business blogging. Planning
          involves knowing where you want to go. What are your goals? How often
          will you post? What kind of reach do you want to have? What kind of
          resources will it require to achieve those goals. How can you achieve
          them most efficiently? Until July 31st 2005, Coached planning sessions are available for $199us. Regular price is $299.



    • Design


        • Looks count. A lot. Can you achieve your blogging goals with a
          poorly designed site? Absolutely. But it will take a lot longer, and
          require greater effort. A well designed site is like a beautiful suit of
          clothes; it adds authority to your words, and shows the world you’re
          serious and successful. Blog design starts at $899us.



    • Managed Technology
        • Our Managed Technology service includes site hosting, domain name
          registration and setup (including email), content management system (the
          software that powers your blog) selection and setup, technical support
          by phone or email, and automatic backup and software upgrades. Annual subscription starts at $500us



    • Training
        • A minimum of one hour of basic training is included in every Design and Managed Technology package. Additional training is always available, starting at $50us.



    • Email to Post
        • This subscription based service is designed to reduce the
          technological and time hurdles to posting on your blog. Simply email us
          your post (typed in MS Word or straight email), attach any photos you
          would like to include, and hit send. We will re-touch and resize your
          photos as needed, format your text, insert any links, and upload the
          post to your site. Monthly subscription starts at $150us



    • Phone to Post
        • Type too slowly? Call your post in to our 24 hour message service.
          We will transcribe the text, add any links, and email or fax a copy to
          you for approval before uploading the post to your site. Monthly subscription starts at $250us



    • Interview to Post
        • A scheduled phone interview between your main contact and a professional writer. Available on a post by post basis, or by subscription.



    • Content Strategy
        • Our content strategy sessions will help you identify what to write
          about, how to include key concepts and phrases, sources of content, and
          much more.



Strengthening your brand

    • Design
        • We can work within your existing branding guidelines to maximize
          your brand’s impact, or can work with you to establish new guidelines if
          you blog is your businesses’ main point of contact.



    • Identity Design
        • In addition to blog designers, we are accomplished logo designers. Please email us for a link to samples of our work.



    • Editing for Tone, Voice, and Brevity
        • In a very real way, your blog is your brand. Our
          editing services can ensure your message is on target with your brand’s
          goals. This service is particularly valuable in situations where there
          is more than one author. Monthly subscriptions start at $100us



    • Coached Planning
        • See above for the description.




Promoting your message

    • SEO
        • Blogs offer unique search engine marketing opportunities. Search
          engines just like blogs; the regular updates and frequent linking add
          juice to your google listings. We can work with you to structure your
          site architecture and content to give you maximum search return



    • link Exchange
        • Link exchanges remain one of the most effective ways of growing
          your blog’s reach. We can identify potential link exchange partners, and
          work with you to engage them in a mutually beneficial traffic sharing



    • Traffic Management
        • Key to your ability to measure your progress towards your goals
          is the ability to understand who your visitors are and where they’re
          coming from. Site traffic is good. But if the visitors’ profiles don’t
          meet your stated goals, then you may not be hitting the appropriate
          targets. Know where you stand is key to knowing where you’re going.



    • Ad Planning and Management
        • Advertising and blogs go together remarkably well. Blogs both
          host ads and use advertising to drive targeted traffic. We can assist in
          monetizing your blog and in designing and placing online and offline



For more information, or to request a personalized quote, please use the form below to get in touch:

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