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Peter F, 30 June, 2005 0 Comments

Whenever I read one of Tom Asacker’s posts at A Clear Eye?, something seems to click. He has a way of making two thoughts come together for me.

His most recent post contains this quote from BusinessWeek’s David Kelley:

???I was dining recently with the head of product development of
Chrysler who was talking about the company’s success with the 300, Dodge
Magnum and new Dodge Charger. I told him that as I drove up on the
Magnum wagon, I commented to my wife that I really liked it and would
consider it for my next set of wheels. My wife immediately commented how
much she seriously disliked the car’s looks. “Looks like a gangster’s
car,” she said. My dining companion said. “Perfect.” At Chrysler, he
explained, they are looking for 60%-70 of people to really like a
design, and the other 30% or so to seriously dislike it. The danger, he
said, is in creating products about which 90%+ of the public simply
shrug their shoulders out of apathy.


You know that standard blog template you see everywhere? It’s the one that causes apathy.

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