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Dressing the Diva

Peter F, 20 June, 2005 0 Comments

I am very excited to announce that The Blog Studio has begun the
process of redesigning one of our own favorite sites, Toby Bloomberg’s Diva Marketing Blog. Toby had the brilliant idea of blogging the process to allow people insight into how it works.

I am so excited about this, for so many reasons. First and foremost, it demonstrates how blogs can work. I’ve never met Toby. I don’t even live in the same country as Toby. And yet I have a fairly good idea of how her mind works.

It gets better: we only started communicating because of a comment I left caused her to check my
site out. This gave her some insight into what I’m about. When I picked
up the phone and we chatted today for the first time, there was no
awkward cold-call feeling. Rather it was two people who knew what they
were talking about, and who have respect for each other’s experience.
I’m in awe of how well blogs can work. Once again, I’m my own case study!

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