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Peter F, 10 May, 2005 0 Comments

Writing about business blogging from a designer’s perspective.

There are lots of great blogs out there that will tell you about why you should blog or what
you should blog about. You’ll find a list of them on the right of the
page. I read them everyday, and will link the best of the best here.

With this space, I’ll be concentrating on the how of
blogging. How to set up a blog and how to promote it; how to integrate
your existing branding and how to extend it; how to find customers you
didn’t know existed; and a lot more.

Occassionally I’ll geek out and rave about the latest or greatest
technology or technique. But I’ll try my best to keep it to a minimum.

When its appropriate, I’ll tell you about what’s going on here at The Blog Studio.
This isn’t a blog about our company though, it’s about talking and
listening to your customers. It’s about doing business in the 21st

Hope you enjoy!——-

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