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So that’s a business blog…

Peter F, 15 May, 2005 0 Comments

It may come as no surprise to many of you that after explaining what
it is that I do I’m often met with a blank, glazed look. Most folks in
North America have heard of blogs, but most have
absolutely no idea what a business blog is. I’ve been searching for a
concise way to describe it. I may have found the answer.

Most cities and towns have free neighbourhood newspapers. In mine, we
have columns about investing, real estate, and fitness written by local
experts. The columns are written as straight news and information – no
selling or schilling at all. At the end of the article there is a line
to the effect that John Smith is a financial adviser for Smith, Smith and Smith.

I have always thought that this was probably the best possible form of advertising.
The writer gets in front of interested people on a regular basis, and
demonstrates his knowledge, skill and style. He earns their trust and
respect over time. He becomes the go to person in his field.

A blog is exactly that column. Only better.——-

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