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Peter F, 29 May, 2005 0 Comments

Note: I first posted this article on Almost Cool, but it is
relevant for The Blog Studio readers as well. If you’d like to leave a
comment (please do!), head over here to do so. I’ve disabled comments on this post in order to keep the conversation in one place. Thanks, and enjoy!

I don’t usually re-quote other sites, but this bears reading. Shel
Israel and Robert Scoble, two very smart, very big-picture thinkers, are
writing a book about business blogging called Naked Conversations.

They’re actually blogging their book; sharing their research and
posting the chapters as they’re written. To make matters even more
interesting, they’re taking the comments received very seriously. They
have made significant changes to some of the text, and have quoted
dissenting views to give a broad-based context to the book.

I’ve been quoting Pew Research’s 40,000 new blogs a day number for
some time now. It turns out I’ve been wildly underestimating the real


According to David L. Sifry, founder and CEO of Technorati (a
Google-like service that tracks blogging topics, links and trends), the
number of blogs has been doubling about every five months since 2003.
When Typepad launched, there were approximately 100,000 bloggers.
Eighteen months later, the Pew Research Center estimated there were 8.5
million, bloggers, and that 40,000 new blogs start every day. Just a few
months later, in May, 2005, Microsoft reported seeing 100,000 new blogs
opened on its service alone ??? per day! While as many as one-third may
be abandoned within a year, the overall growth of blogging is among the
fastest in history. According to Pew, one-fourth of all people who
visit the Web read blogs, and that number is rising at the rate of 60
percent annually.



Today, blogging has become the most rapidly adopted technology in
history. Today, in May 2005, more than 100,000 new blogs will start in
just one 24-hour period. By the time you read this book, that number
will be hopelessly out of date and will undoubtedly be much higher. More
than 10 percent of all Americans read blogs, an increase of 60 percent
in 12 months, according to Pew Research. Technorati, a company that
tracks vital blog linking, says growth is even faster in Asia and the
Middle East than it is in North America. The full number of blogs
worldwide today is more than 12 million, up from about 100,000 two years
earlier in 2003. Half of these blogs are private, a majority of them
being used for internal communications behind corporate firewalls.


Let’s look at this cooly for just a moment. Most of the 100,000 sites
launched a day will not last beyond the “Woo Hoo” stage. Of the
remainder, at least 50% will be personal “I ate cheese today” blogs. So
we’re down to a measly 25,000 new potential clients a day!.

So, does anyone else think differentiating your business blog is going to be important?——-

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