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Statement of Intent v0.1

Peter F, 29 April, 2005 0 Comments

The Blog Studio is a new kind of company. It exists to help its clients talk to their customers.

It’s driven by its philosophy: help others be rich, and you will be
too. We believe that of all rich’s definitions, richness of life is the
most important.

We do good work, work very hard, and love every minute of it.

We also believe that the simple technology that powers blogs empowers small business owners to communicate with their clients in a whole new way.
This creates a relationship in a way that a printed brochure or static
website can’t. We believe that relationship will enhance your business.
In every sense.

We believe blogs can cause as much harm as good, if used improperly.
The blogosphere is maturing, and there is an etiquette to maintain.
Blogs create a permanent record, and must therefore be honest and
transparent at all times.

We believe blogs may not be suitable for all businesses. We will inform potential clients if this is the case.

This is an early version of our statement, and it will evolve. It
will not stray from its core principals though, that of honesty,
passion, and commitment to excellence.


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