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When everyone is able to take media technologies for granted, that’s when innovation can happen. Clay Shirky, consultant, lecturer, and author, shows evidence that we are in the midst of the largest increase in expressive capabilities in human history. The internet is a medium that takes everything we used to communicate with, and combines it all. It can facilitate both one-to-one conversation, and communication to groups of people. Moreover, what was once the audience, now has the power to be the producer because they have the same equipment. Shirky sheds light on an example to elaborates his views on just how vastly our media landscape has changed, and how it gives power to previous consumers.

Pay What You Can Model: The future of Online Entertainment?

Posted by Amy Wong

Traditionally, advertisers want, and pay for the content that garners the most views, not the most engaged views. So what happens when someone is making meaningful content that doesn’t get a million hits or views? Many projects don’t get to happen because of this problem. However, some of the best niche content that many people Read more...

Video: Social Media and the End of Gender

Posted by Amy Wong
johanna blakley

Women are, unsurprisingly, dominating the social media landscape. Through that, they are beginning to shape traditional media sources, like TV programs, and how women are portrayed in those mediums.  In her TED talk, Johanna Blakley makes a surprising prediction about the future of media content in relation to gender and how demographics are portrayed. What Read more...


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